Denise - Client Services Manager

Today I’d like to thank all of our clients and supporters for a wonderful year with the GreenHouse.

It’s been an honor to serve our clients—we’ve had some laughter and some tears and we have fed and clothed so many people.

It’s been an immeasurable pleasure working alongside the volunteer team who serves as the backbone of this food bank. 

I am sad to leave you all in my current role at the GreenHouse, but the need for my family made this necessary. In January one of my family members began having health issues and has now been diagnosed with a chronic condition. 

My family member will be okay, but this diagnosis meant that I needed to search for a job with a robust health insurance plan.

I intend to still help at the food bank, and have joined the ranks of our volunteers. You may not see me from day to day but I will be there, helping nonetheless.

All of that written, the GreenHouse is in good hands, and great things are on the horizon! Our clients continue to be served. Stay tuned, because the future is going to be awesome. 

Thank you Deer Park, and thank you GreenHouse.

(Interested in knowing how you can help the GreenHouse? The easiest way is by donation. The need has never been greater. The GreenHouse needs cash donations to fund its monthly operating expenses, which are small, but necessary. Thank you for considering.)