Matt Phillips

We love our volunteers! August volunteer spotlight:

Terence Holdiman

Terence has been volunteering with the GreenHouse, “since the very beginning, back when it was located at the Lutheran Church” in Deer Park, he says. “I did take off three years.”

Greenhouse patrons almost never see Terence. He works in the morning as one of several volunteers who get the warehouse ready so we can be open in the afternoons for our clients. Terence volunteers more than 10 hours per week riding in the GreenHouse Grocery Rescue Van. The van travels to 4-6 stores each day the GreenHouse is open, picking up donated foods from area grocery stores. Terence helps load and unload the rescue van and keeps track of the paperwork that tallies how much product each store donates. 

“It feels good to help–it’s something good to do,” Terrence says, and then laughs. “Otherwise I’d be home all day. That’s where my cat wants me to be.”