Teri volunteers at the GreenHouse on Wednesdays and Fridays as a client shopping assistant.

Teri says six years ago she was looking for somewhere to volunteer and found the GreenHouse from word of mouth. 

“I just really really enjoy it,” she says of her time serving. “I enjoy helping people. This is a community that really really needs a food bank.”

Over the years, Teri has become a favorite volunteer with several clients, who ask for her specifically to assist them as they shop for their food. “There’s a lot of people I really, really enjoy,” she says.  

Why volunteer at a food bank? “It’s humbling,” Teri says. “You think you have problems in your life, but here you learn that you aren’t the only one. Humility grounds you.” 

Teri adds that no one should feel bad for asking for help at the GreenHouse. “If you need food, you need food. We’re here to help you!”