Teri's Can Openers
Yesterday, I gave out a can opener, and while the person who needed it was in a hard situation and the scenario was serious, I am also grinning at the memory. Every time we give out a can opener, I am reminded that there are amazing people in the world.  In my mind, I call these can openers Teri’s Can Openers.

You see,  whenever we give out a can opener, I immediately think of one of our long-time volunteers at the GreenHouse, Teri. People who volunteer at a food bank have kind hearts and strong backbones. They often hear hard stories. They listen and because they care, they are problem solvers.

Last summer Teri said to me, “We need some can openers. How can we give canned food to people if they can’t open it?” Her words hit me like a freight train! She was so right! Some of our clients are unhoused. They can’t accept food that they cannot open! Teri had identified a need that I never had thought of. A can opener is small. It fits in a backpack or pocket, and it opens food. Yes! What a great idea!

So, we asked the greater community of GreenHouse supporters to donate some can openers and an anonymous donor stepped up. Now when we have an unhoused person walk through our doors, the first thing I ask them is if they have a can opener.
If the answer is no, we provide one. Each and every time this happens, I smile.
And this reminds me— we only have two can openers left.

GreenHouse supporters—would anyone mind donating a few can openers so that we can continue to do our good works? I thank you, our staff and team of volunteers thank you, and most importantly, our unhoused clients thank you.

With loving thoughts of Teri and all who make the GreenHouse run,