Porch/Grocery Rescue is Back—twice a month

Porch/Grocery Rescue is Back—twice a month

porch rescue

The GreenHouse is happy to announce that we will be offering a porch/grocery rescue service for our clients once again, in addition to their monthly food box.


For the summer, and as we have food available, our clients will be allowed to have grocery rescue/porch when they shop for their monthly food box AND ONE ADDITIONAL TIME IN THE MONTH. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee how much Porch/grocery rescue items are available, but if we have extras, we are happy to share them. 

Important Update: Monthly Food Box Program at GreenHouse Food Bank

Important Update: Monthly Food Box Program at GreenHouse Food Bank

Food Basket

The GreenHouse Food Bank is only offering a monthly box option for the rest of May, and possibly longer. 

Please understand that our team of 55 volunteers are working hard to provide you with a monthly food box. Our grocery rescue van’s team of volunteers are ensuring that our food box clients are getting more meat than other other food pantry in the area. 

However, the following should help everyone understand why we cannot offer the luxury of a weekly porch shopping experience, which is an addition that we provide to our clients, but is not guaranteed. We feel it is best that we shore up our monthly food boxes. 

The food bank has seen an increase in foot traffic through our doors. We are obligated to meet the needs of our monthly box clients first, and then to offer a weekly porch, if we have the food available. All food banks in Eastern Washington have seen an increase of people needing assistance.


“Second Harvest partners with both the Greenhouse Food Bank and the North County Food Bank. Partnering food banks are on a cycle where they can place an order and go pick it up at a set time. As a partner agency they can contact Second Harvest anytime when they are getting low on supply. The issue that is going on right now, however, is the diversity of food supply. Second Harvest does have food to give to agencies that are running low, however, these are things like apples, potatoes, onions. Shelf stable foods are lower in number, and these are the things that most food banks request. At this time Second Harvest is running a little ahead of last year in terms of demand, which means few to no shelf stable foods available if food banks need to make a request outside of their order cycle.” 
Josh Kerns, Spokane County Commission 
Thank you Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry!

Thank you Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry!

The GreenHouse received a generous donation of dog and cat food from the Golden Wings Pet Food Pantry, which is a service of the West Plains Angels, a group devoted to helping veterans.

We are so grateful for this generousity, and to our volunteer, Carol, who made contact with the good folks at Golden Wings, and arranged for the delivery. 

About Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry

Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry is a charitable service created by The West Plains Angels; a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization: EIN: 82-5062392.

Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry donates pet food, treats, toys, and emergency medical funding to pet-owners in need. Check us out on Facebook by searching for West Plains Angels! Also, a quick internet search will take you to many of the great articles written about our charity! Golden Wings has been helping the fire-ravaged victims of Elk, WA;/ Medical Lake, WA; Malden, WA; and anyone in between whose homes were destroyed, or beloved pets killed by the fires. This sacred work has given our non-profit organization an opportunity for growth as more-and-more people have reached out to us for assistance. To further aid them we need help from donors, like you! Please consider donating to our charity. You can donate by scanning the QR code, or by going to any Banner Bank and donating to the West Plains Angels account.

Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry

Donate to Golden Wings Pet-Food Pantry

Yummy Dinner

Yummy Dinner

Yummy Dinner

One of our clients sent in this photo of the dinner she made. Every item on the plate came from the GreenHouse: pork chops, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Isn’t it a lovely dinner?


A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You

Thank You to Families of Colton School District
This week at the GreenHouse was one for the record books. We broke a record for the number of households served in a single day: 72. In less than 3 hours, our team served 72 families. To say we were busy was an understatement. This week due to Presidents’ Day, we were only open two days, but we served nearly 130 families. It seems every time we turn around, we have a new person walking through our food bank doors. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to serve our community, that’s what a food bank does! We serve people who need help. However, those needing help are growing in number rather than staying the same. Times are lean. We are grateful to have enough food to help, and for our local and state partnerships that deliver food to us, as well as our donors who help keep our lights on. Some highlights of this week for me were:
  • One of our most vulnerable clients is getting some much needed help through our community partner, Rural Resources.
  • We had donations of sleeping bags, clothing, and cat and dog food come through the door.
  • Our team of volunteers met every single benchmark this week, and they did it with a smile.
  • I laughed with many clients. I hugged, and yes—cried—with a few too.
So, while the need is great, and the days are packed full, on behalf of everyone who serves the GreenHouse and therefore the people who live in our community, Thank you!


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