When I arrived at the GreenHouse Food Bank, LaNette was a long-time GreenHouse Board Member and volunteer helping hold the organization steady between the departure of the prior director in November ’21 and my start in February ’22.

It wasn’t long before I realized this spunky worker bee, doing as much as her congestive heart failure would allow, was a very special person who loved God with all her strength.  At that time she was helping with the bookkeeping at her church, Happy Home, as well as helping with the bookkeeping for the foodbank.  She was a voice at the board meetings for the specific needs of our clients such as access to computers.

LaNette served as a GreenHouse Board member for over a decade. Board members remember her never ending love and passion for the GreenHouse.  In January of 2024, we dedicated the GreenHouse Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon to LaNette’s memory.  Before she died, she told us to have a wonderful party and celebrate with her that she is in heaven now with the Lord she loves.  And so we did.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Director
GreenHouse Food Bank