Food Basket

The GreenHouse Food Bank is only offering a monthly box option for the rest of May, and possibly longer. 

Please understand that our team of 55 volunteers are working hard to provide you with a monthly food box. Our grocery rescue van’s team of volunteers are ensuring that our food box clients are getting more meat than other other food pantry in the area. 

However, the following should help everyone understand why we cannot offer the luxury of a weekly porch shopping experience, which is an addition that we provide to our clients, but is not guaranteed. We feel it is best that we shore up our monthly food boxes. 

The food bank has seen an increase in foot traffic through our doors. We are obligated to meet the needs of our monthly box clients first, and then to offer a weekly porch, if we have the food available. All food banks in Eastern Washington have seen an increase of people needing assistance.


“Second Harvest partners with both the Greenhouse Food Bank and the North County Food Bank. Partnering food banks are on a cycle where they can place an order and go pick it up at a set time. As a partner agency they can contact Second Harvest anytime when they are getting low on supply. The issue that is going on right now, however, is the diversity of food supply. Second Harvest does have food to give to agencies that are running low, however, these are things like apples, potatoes, onions. Shelf stable foods are lower in number, and these are the things that most food banks request. At this time Second Harvest is running a little ahead of last year in terms of demand, which means few to no shelf stable foods available if food banks need to make a request outside of their order cycle.” 
Josh Kerns, Spokane County Commission